Compliance training

He’ll do OK on personal appearance too. He looks like a cringing, terrified little worm, which is exactly how she likes it.

Don’t you just hate it when the dates of your personal appraisals at home and at work coincide?

Don’t worry, the HR people will deal with this sensitive matter appropriately, too. Perhaps you ought to drop round, thank them for resolving the matter so speedily? They’re the unsung heroines of the workplace, in my view.

Chemical castration – some say it’s a valid alternative to physical castration, but I say why not try both?

Don’t worry – I don’t mean actual ‘bears’!  No bestiality in this blog, thank you very much!  No, the caption is suggesting a scene in which this lady is renting out her – husband, boyfriend, stepfather, slave? – to anyone who calls and on this occasion it’s going to be a group of big, hypermasculine male hairy biker types. He is presumptively heterosexual by inclination, so the implication is that she is lying, exhibiting gratuitous cruelty to her insignificant other.  OK?  There – now you can enjoy the caption.  Anyone confused by any of the captions in this blog is recommended to read the template post, available here.

0 thoughts on “Compliance training”

  1. can you do more Nanny caps?
    strictly enforced set early bed times are vital for males

  2. I'll do what I can. But as you can imagine, I'm not allowed a lot of computer time, so it's not easy…

    Thank you for commenting. Night-night, now.

  3. But what happens if your Wife or Girlfriend is also your work Boss. I bet She doesn't dispense with either occasion and has to wear two hats. Now there is something not mentioned by tiresome sex tropes. Femsup

  4. A sensible SO in those circumstances would always keep work and home life completely separate. Suppose you screw up at work and She makes you work late. Some husbands might think it a little unfair if She then beats you for being late home, but really it's just about being true to each of those two relationships – boss and wife.

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