The record shows I took the blows

And did it Her way

Yum.  Has it really been a year? How time flies.

No problem.  I’ll just go and live out the remainder of my life nursing the ache at the core of my empty existence.  Bye.

Actually, if you save up enough of your pocket money, maybe you could… I mean, that would be OK, right?  About four months should do it, if you’re careful not to spend money on anything else.

Well, I think it’s outrageous. I mean, she wouldn’t wear a coat that had been made by killing and skinning a human being, would she?

Don’t forget to say gracias.  Mucho, mucho gracias, Senora

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  1. Fur Coat Post As a genuine member of Peta and an animal rights campaigner and vegetarian ( no, seriously to all that) it is of course only natural that the thing that outrages me the most can become such a huge turn on when presented like this. yes the sheer cruelty I oppose is turned in to a massive stimulant. Venus in Furs indeed – (though attitudes to animal cruelty and suffering where virtually non existent in those days) but the fur had the power. now..about the human skin idea…after all , despite what some critics may say I don't think your posts are extreme enough. What better way to show your true long term usefulness and devotion to a Mistress than to have yourself made in to a nice cushion, gloves or lampshade after you have made the ultimate Sacrifice for Her pleasure?

  2. Thank you for your comment, Mr A. Yes, like you I am someone of a sensitive and highly ethical disposition and also like you I find nothing more exciting than the thought of worshipping a goddess who is anything but.

    I think you'll find my posts are extreme enough, you know, if you look through them closely. I have done a few posts on slaveskin/manhide fashion (e.g. link here).

    Unfortunately, they are not that easy to find, as there isn't really a tag for them. You'd have to read through the whole blog and wouldn't that be awful… But they are out there. I recently did a whole bunch, actually, but I have over 1000 unposted captions now (yes, really), so they won't necessarily appear immediately. Watch this space, Mr A, watch this space.

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