My secretary at work handles all my appointments too. This evening, for example, I have an appointment to wash her boyfriend’s car.

Well, she won’t find anything down there, believe me!  Ridiculous to have to go through these sorts of inspections, even now.

You can use the basin in the ladies’ bathroom, if it bothers you to be seen doing the handwashing in the mens’.

The divine Goddess Heather, of course, whom we might have contemplated here once or twice before.

You’d be surprised how more effective that can be than even the most enthusiastic amateur.

PS -just discovered this (rather excellent) post, and indeed quite a few more femdom tales by ‘Freddie’.  If you like my stuff, I think you’ll like those.  I do.  Many of the rest of his stories feature dominant males, which for me… well, I just find it to hard to suspend disbelief when authors stray quite so far from real life as that, but I suppose it’ll rock some people’s boats.

0 thoughts on “Castigation”

  1. You're welcome, Alex. Not sure I'd recommend translating the Beetle books into Russian, though… the humour might not travel well!

  2. Thank you very much!

    I'm not anonymous, though. Servitor's my real name. Just got lucky that I developed a submissive kink that matched it I guess… wouldn't have worked too well as a Dom. "Sir Servitor"…. no.

  3. As did I. Well, the stuff that had the right sex holding the whip hand anyway. Can't cope with maledom fantasies… just imagining having to take all those decisions… dear me no.

  4. I'm sure they will. In fact, if they're like me (and sadly for them, I think many of them are) they'll have clicked on the 'Femdom Fables' link just as soon as they'd finished munching up the beetles.

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