Strap, shackle and crop

…it wakes me up every time.

…and don’t forget to say a Hail Mary.  She’s called Mary.

Very economical.

A good way for a sub to ensure he never says anything disrespectful is to cultivate a habit of only thinking devoutly respectful thoughts. It takes a lot of mental training, but it’s worth it. For a quicker solution, the same effect can be achieved just by beating the crap out of him if he speaks out of turn, or keeping him permanentlty gagged, so most dommes just go with one of those.  And really, who are you to argue?

This is Divine Mistress Heather, seen from one of her many very lovely angles.

She has ideas about how to conduct their weekly performance reviews too.

It’s a good thing neither of them’s gay.

0 thoughts on “Strap, shackle and crop”

  1. Only weekly performance reviews. They might become reviews with talent show type events with who can yodel the highest in a humbler etc. Femsup

  2. Yes: theor company belives in hard work but that work should be fun, too. So puttig boys in humblers is just a win-win, really.

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