Another world is possible

Quite a few of you seem to have liked my posts featuring sneak previews of the Femsuprem candidate’s successful election campaign in 2020.

I tried getting a few more through my handy fictitious time portal, but I’m afraid I must have done something truly male, because it started making horrible noises, turned sideways and then spat out an image and a pile of posters from a very different future indeed.  What can it all mean?

I suspect these particular female supremacists are not all that interested in elections.  Readers who prefer their femdom to be loving and maternal are advised to go and look at another blog for now.  






0 thoughts on “Another world is possible”

  1. Superb! And of course very true. All readers should print off, enlarge and paste up locally across their constituancy. More please, especially on law and order policies…always popular with the voters. Apopos of which, why should the thick violent ugly sub human male scum who so often make a macho 'virtue' of never voting have a franchise in the first instance under this wonderful manifesto?

  2. this are great but I prefer the 2020 Hathaway stuff can't get enough of that! (thirsty Sissy)

  3. Ha ha! Excellent. I'm tempted to print some of these off and leave them in piles around our university campus!

    – Jac.

  4. I seem to remember seeing a poster from those times saying "Elton John was wrong Sorry is not the hardest word. Its spoken by males all the time. They have a lot to be sorry for" and we do.Femsup

  5. Yes, violence is a terrible thing. Violent macho males need to be strapped down and whipped until they realise that only through love and peace will the world come to its senses.

  6. Yes indeed. And why not?

    You'll want to check back here on 23rd June, for the next batch of these. Prepare to be Astonished by Her again…

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