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  1. Just reading President Hathaway has me all hot and bothered. I loved this theme and hope you expand on it more.

  2. love this
    president Hathaway!

    but I think eventually males having political office should be banned and their votes should be control by wives and mothers if allowed at all

  3. Oh, you know, just a regular everyday one.

    The ones the French Male Guidance Authority uses are a bit old-fashioned – they don't have the additional strap running up between the legs, but they get the job done.

  4. Well, indeed. It makes much more sense for males to keep the vote but ensure it is only exercised under proper female authority than to remove the right to vote completely, I think. That way, the little brats won't get all stroppy about their rights being removed (that would happen gradually), plus the ladies with the right attitude would in effect get extra votes.

  5. MMMMMM OH YES QUEEN HATHAWAY FOR LIFE. I want to be her personal servant for her full reign.

  6. Certainly not going to argue with that.

    Buuuut…. the pedant in me can't help but point out that 'for life' is indeed the usual appointment term for a queen. Believe me: I know all about queening.

    But thank you for your comment. What a lot of anonymous people there are, to be sure, and you're all very welcome.

  7. Not anonymous here just the usual Femsup here. What awe inspiring captions. Yes to President Hathaway! Thing is we would spend so much less time on here when the mandatory male chastity act came in. But that would be for public wear. In the home Womyn would decide when it WASN'T coming off.I would like to see the ceremonies and new rituals involved in the inauguration.

  8. Ah, you're just pretending to be anonymous, while secretly having a name that you don't use. Yes, I do that sometimes.

    The inauguration ceremony is pretty straightforward, actually. It's only men who need a big impressive ceremony, to cover up for their social (and other) inadequacy. Or their tiny hands.

    Yes, it is true you'd have a lot less free time for reading stuff like this in a properly-run world. But any time you want to (and you have your SO's permission, obviously, you'll be able to visit your local library and ask the librarian if it's OK to use one of their computers to jack off to porn. Actually, you can do that now… it's quite fun if you're into humiliation.

  9. She kept on saying shush when I got excited so I couldn't really concentrate.

  10. Great stuff as ever Servitor. Looks like Femsup is pursuing the same policies as New Order here in the UK… ­čÖé

  11. Well, I think sometimes a political idea just emerges that makes such obvious sense that all of a sudden everyone's talking about it – and a few years later, no one can understand how anyone could have thought differently. The women's movement in the twentieth century had a long struggle to reach equality between the sexes, so in a sense we're only half-way there, but I think it won't take as long to achieve a truly sexually unequal and unfair society, now the idea is out there.

    Very much enjoying the search for the Black Qipao. Hope they find it. Perhaps it's in a dark room, somewhere?

  12. Yes, I have the same problem. Unfortunately, being 'shushed' by a strong woman gets me even more excited. So she just uses one of the library's stock of gags. I don't go so often these days anyway – I must have read every book in the housework section ten times at least.

  13. The FemSuprem Movement is just what the world needs.
    Males being loved and guided by their superiors.
    Male 'freedom' has always been a mistake anyway.

  14. Yes indeed, Apron chap. Freedom is slavery, you know. Or is it the other way around?

    Thank you for commenting so extensively. Good to have someone fussing around the blog in an apron, too – feel free to do a little dusting and tidying in some of the older posts, as you go around.


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