Let’s do the time-warp again

Those of you who have been reading this blog from the very begining in 2011 are very, very bad and perverted people who deserve to be forcibly  may well recall that one of the very first posts was of the front pages of some magazines that had fallen through a erm… worm hole time dimensional vortex thingummy and landed on my desk.

Oh yes, you do remember. Of course you do. Stop lying – has no one ever told you it’s very naughty to lie, boy? Hmm? Look – just go here if you’re one of those johnny-come-latelies who’ve only started reading this in the last five years, OK?

The title was a little odd.  I think back then I was occasionally trolling the followers of a rather devout Christian who had a blog of the same name, so there were a lot of religiously titled posts.  He’s now publishing religious blog posts in the form of piss-takes of femdom porn too, oddly enough, so it all seems entirely fair.

Anyway: three magazines had arrived from the far future… 2014*, 2017 and 2019.  I must have missed my copy of Subbie Hubbie Monthly back in 2014, but I have already reserved my copy of Dominant Lady Quarterly (at the special male price of just £2500 per copy), so I am looking forward to April.

Anyway (again): it happened a second time!  Would you believe it?  Three magazines, no doubt from the faaaaar far distant future.  These ones don’t actually have dates on them, oddly enough.  So.. yeah, here they are.

* Well I didn’t know this blog was going to be going on so long, did I?  I thought I’d have something better to do with my time by now. Oh well.


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  1. Have you ever seen the 70's science fiction show Star Maidens, Servitor? It's a vision of Gynocracy where these magazines would fit in perfectly

  2. I've never seen any complete episodes but I've seen bits and pieces on YouTube (probably the femdomest bits) so I know what you mean. I do like the more gentle gynocratic "she's just in charge and that's that" vibe, despite my frequent postings here of brutally violent scenes! My 'mens lib' captions typically work in that framework too.

    Incidentally, Mr Woof, if you or other readers like sci-fi femdom, be sure to check here for an extra post on 26 February, which is not coincidentally Oscars night.

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