Male order brides

Another themed post!  Mainly so that I can deliver the excruciatingly weak pun in the title.  But nonetheless… brides, we gottem.  Or, more accurately, they gottus.


Well, it’s not a very traditional service, that’s all I can say. Shouldn’t the lady giving you away be the one to lead you out on the leash?
You’re a special little snowflake.  And she’s the sun.

Honestly – now you’ve ruined the honeymoon surprise.  Well… one of them.
You’re not going to be kissing the bride at the end of the ceremony either.

What is it with dominant women and grammar?  Precision in language is important, sure, but its not the only thing that matters is it?

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  1. Wonderful! I love the female-led wedding vows. The little detail about the locking bolts was lovely, and the pledge . . . oh, yes!

  2. I think it'll be a beautiful, moving occasion. Oh who knows, maybe in a few years it'll all go wrong and he'll end up starving and lonely, chained to the wall in her cellar, after the love leaves their marriage. Many men do. But just for today, they are attuned.

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