You know, people think owning a doctor is just an easy way to get a lot of money, but it can be a lot of work whipping them through all those years of medical school.

I wonder how they do work around there?

Doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy her job, of course. She just knows how to separate the professional and the personal, that’s all.

These two seem to be consummate professionals, though.

 Quick test for regular readers – have I published the one above before? I experienced a colossal failure due to laziness and incompetence technical glitch earlier this year, and I don’t always have a good record of which images I’ve put up before.  Google Images can’t find it but it looks very familiar (apart from the fact that I wrote it, obviously).  Remember: if you spot a previously posted image, I’ll put up another, extra, one.

Good to know.  Damage to equipment’s a worry too.  I sometimes fear that, after repeatedly hitting her boots with my testicles, or vigorously slapping her tawse with the palms of my hands, I might cause scuffing.

Extra one for the sin of repetition (and after a moment’s hesitation, I think you can try out some deviation).

0 thoughts on “Subtexts”

  1. Yes, you've posted that one before! (Not that i mind seeing those hot dommes again).

  2. Whoops! Well spotted, Mr A. I'm a great believer in being honest with the readership of this blog (that's why you can be confident that everything you read here is 100% true, all the time).

    So, one extra added for that mistake (now what does that remind me of?).

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