Happy Hathaday!

Thirty-four today and still stopping hearts!  Happy Hathaday to all the blog’s regular readers.

I’m personally quite excited (well, as excited as the steel tube will let me) about Anne’s new film, Colossal, in which she stomps all ovcer a South Korean city, causing mahem and destruction as she –

What’s that you say?  The stomping is actually done by an insectoid CGI monster which might or might not be telepathically linked to Anne’s character, or indeed might not be real?

Oh. That doesn’t sound so much fun.  I wonder why they went with that.  When they could’ve…mmm.

Still, it’s an Anne movie so you can bet I’ll be saving up my pocket money for the next few weeks to be able to afford a cinema ticket. In the meantime, here are some Hathaptions… no, that’s rubbish, erm, Anneotated Hatha.. erm… oh anyway, they’re captioned images of The Divine and that’s what this blog is all about.

 Three new ones:



And some of my favourites from the old ones you’ve seen before, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of clicking ‘Heart-stopping beauty’ in the wordycloud there. Remarkably, this little collection represents considerably less than a third of the Anne captions I’ve done – but still manages to get very repetitive.  Amazing, huh?


…and my favouritest of all:

12 thoughts on “Happy Hathaday!”

  1. Yeah it took… a while at least, if not an age. Quite an enjoyable while, too. But the blog's been going for almost six years now, amazingly enough. I should be in line for some sort of award, I reckon, preferably delivered in the same way as Anne's boy's going to get the Oscar.

  2. Yes, now that's true. We should all go down on our knees – what's that you say? OK, stay on your knees then – and offer a thankful prayer to St Anne, Our Lady of the Blessed Smile, the patroness saint of this blog.

  3. Er… were there any giantess pictures here? There's the White Queen and mouse one I suppose…

    I have done a couple, but it tends to be implied. I'd like to photoshop a little figure in, but it always looks silly. Plus, my own fantasies tend towards situations where the men are a bit shorter than the ladies (eg 1/3 to 2/3 their height) rather than inch-high.

    But I'll do them occasionally, whenever the muse thwacks me.

  4. WOW these were amazing. I would love to know what Anne is thinking of doing with that Oscar. Any clues ?

  5. There's a clue in the answer to Michael M, there at the top of this discussion. But that's just my best guess. Anne's ideas are usually waaaay more kinky and vicious than mine, so really anything could happen.

  6. I’ve gotta illustrate this “totally muscle bound 300 pound woman” Anna speaks of in the first caption, who totally subdued this lucky guy. Its literally calling for it. Only it will be a follow up, of her finally coming around to pound his backside with a thick long strapon.

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