Hyperaggressive femininity

Sometimes, it’s not the joke but how you tell it.  I can always get my SO to laugh in session by telling a long joke, as long as I’m screaming and pleading hysterically for mercy as I try to get the words out.

Sorry about the joke, by the way.  Works better with nuns… one of the few things that does.


Oh well.  Potentially there’s reincarnation to look forward to, I guess.


Typical woman.  Why not just discuss it straight away?  So much more efficient.


That’s not strictly accurate.  He actually can complain.  As much as he likes really.


Reminds me of the way my SO ‘helps’ me with the housework sometimes,

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  1. The old boi in the home must be very miffed. His Wife has been keeping him on the countdown method and he was promised 100 orgasms on the wedding night. He still had 8 to go and now will never get them.

  2. Yes, particularly unfair as she made sure he kept every single one of his wedding promises, repeating his vows to her on his knees each week just to make sure none were forgotten.

    The world can be a harsh and cruel place, I'm very glad to say.

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