It’s good to live in a comunity united around a shared interest.

Her feelings matter, remember.  A lot.


I’d reach for ‘Polite dissenting opinion No 1’ but ‘we’ decided to remove it from the approved list.

It’s a good idea to wear a lot of pink, to avoid being mistaken for a feral male. Ferals hate wearing pink – especially frilly lacy things.

Aww… sweet.  My own SO asked me how I’d like her to remember me and I suggested an alarm on her phone, every month when it’s time to change the straw. It’s working out pretty well.

0 thoughts on “Owner-controlled”

  1. WOW that one with the babe and the gun asking to scan my chip has me entranced. Love babes and guns themed ones.

  2. She's not actually 'asking' as such…
    I expect you'll like this too. And this , for that matter.

    Or just click 'girls with guns' in the wordcloud thingy if you haven't already.

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