Mean and nasty and pretty and horrible

Or pinches any other parts for that matter. Ouch.  Only eight hours to go, though…

Yes, that should work.  I certainly wouldn’t expect many erections any time soon, anyway.

They’re very nice shoes too.

If you want to get to know her better, you could try joining her reading circle.

My SO and I are agreed that wearing fur is cruel. That’s why she wears so much of it.

(Yup, same old anti-Vietnam littering-based protest song, Steve.  But I’m hoping no one will notice the repetition.)

0 thoughts on “Mean and nasty and pretty and horrible”

  1. (I expect nobody will.

    Although every day when I go to the park for lunch and sit down near some pretty women, they all move away from me along the bench.

    Maybe the song's more famous than we thought?)

  2. Nobody? Probably right.

    Can you imagine, though? Three people surfing to Contemplating the Divine, reading these comments, not having a fucking clue what we are on about and leaving think we're just weirdos?

    They'll think it's an organisation.

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