Back down Memory Silnice

Recently, while down in the cellar (basement to you Americans), I was nearing the end of a long weekend scrubbing away at the walls with a toothbrush (it’s bit of a funny story how I found myself doing that, actually – remind me to tell you some time) when I noticed in an old cardboard box another file full of interviews* with those lovely Sublime Ladies from the Other World Kingdom.  So, as soon as the walls were clean enough for my chain to be lengthened sufficiently to allow me to come upstairs again, I scanned the ones featuring Madame Katarina and I’m now uploading them for you to wank over enjoy.

Now of course, OWK is lost in the pages of history, but in our hearts it will never die.  What matter it, if – 

– what’s that you say? ‘Shut up and get on with the pictures of Madame Katarina, Servitor, you prat’?  Oh. OK, then.

 …and in a postscript, with a written comment by the interviewer in handwriting too shaky to read:

* regular ‘readers’ will recognise this as the latest in one of the least popular series on the blog: OWK memories.

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  1. You're a lucky man, Mr Bad. Or a man who handed over a massive pile of cash, anyway. Thank you for the comment. Feel free to send the jeans on, should you ever tire of them.

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