For her

Weirdest client?  Oh,
I dunno. I mean, they’re all weird, aren’t they?

There was one once though – quite a regular.  And I had a party for my regular subs and
they got to arguing about which one adored me most – silly old fuckers, like I
care as long as they keep paying! 
Anyway, they decided to settle it with a breath-holding contest.   And when it was this guy’s turn, he took out
a roll of duct tape and wrapped his mouth up, popped a clamp onto his nose and
then slipped a pair of handcuffs on behind his back! 

Well, as you can imagine, after a minute or so, he was writhing around and all purple in the face, and I was just
about to look around for something to cut the tape when one of the other slaves
said “Should
n’t you cut him loose, Mistress?”. 
Well, of course you can’t stand for that sort of impertinence, so I gave
him a good slap and I settled back in my chair and said “He’ll breathe again
when I decide, slave, not before.”  All haughty-like, you
know.  You have to be like that, as a domme.  They like it.

And I gave it a bit longer and then I graciously instructed
them to cut his gag off.  And they faffed
about and panicked like slaves will. And then it was all too late!

Hmm? Oh no. Not dead. 
Severe brain damage, though.  It’s
the oxygen, apparently.

Shame really.  So
maybe he was the weirdest…. Oh, but hang on, there was other guy that had this
thing about asparagus!   And you know how
asparagus makes your wee smell? So one time – oh this is really funny, even
funnier than the other thing! – one time, right, this guy brought a big bunch
of asparagus with him and… 

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