Taking pains

She does and so, therefore, do I.

But not here. I just slap any old rubbish on a photo and stick it on the blog.

Damn.  Why is it always about penis size?  Honestly, sometimes it just seems like women are obsessed with it.


Urrgglll – nnnnh!


I’m glad I’m into humiliation.  Otherwise, I’d probably find a lot of my encounters with women quite unpleasant.


Well, that went well.


Goodness, sounds like she’s going to get quite cross.  That could help, actually.

0 thoughts on “Taking pains”

  1. such a pretty polite nurse.. she knows how to care about persons) her healthy face deserves what she asked for)

  2. Yes indeed. My Significant Other often tells me that my face deserves what it asks for too, but that's not such a pretty or polite matter to discuss.

  3. i mean just do as caption said for the interest of medical science.. and what u think about? ­čśŤ

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