Riddle of the minx

Don’t you?  Just sign you heartless bastard – look how you’re upsetting her!

Actually, there are surprisingly few blogs catering for those with a mushroom fetish. And this one probably won’t again, so enjoy it while you can.  Deviants.
Mistress Asian, like it says on the picture.  Welcome to the blog, Ma’am!
Really experienced dommes understand our desires so well.  And don’t care.
This is of course the lovely and talented Princess Kali!


Don’t worry, it doesn’t go all the way down.  Everything below 4 inches is just in the same category. Now what was it they
called it… er…?

Ermmm…hang on, I think I’ve got a witty answer to that, so I can pretend the question does not make me uncomfortable.

0 thoughts on “Riddle of the minx”

  1. Hmmm. Don't know how that one sneaked in here, then.

    Welcome, Brazil CFNM. Not a bad place to be an NM, I'd have thought. Poor old Iceland CFNM has a tougher life.

  2. I love the second to last caption. I love the theme of men having to get used to being objectified

  3. Yeah. The day I realised that as far as my SO was concerned, I was nothing but a walking bunch of pain receptors with mediocre ironing skills, I felt properly appreciated for what I really am.

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