You can wear the uniform and I could play along

And so it goes…

“…and if there’s war between the sexes then there’ll be no people left.  “
Actually, I’ve never believed that. Some of us would be traitorous quislings from the start, for one thing.

PS – she didn’t recognise him, actually.  Not her fault – they used to get a lot of men at OWK.  They all look the same after a while, I expect. 

The holiday starts here.


Some of us have high natural levels of this chemical in our bloodstreams already.  It’s produced in the spleen, I expect.  Mostly because I enjoy typing the word ‘spleen’, which is a rather underused organ in femdom porn, I’ve always felt.




It’s best not to let the cute ones off too lightly.
Nazi dominatrices!  Cute, huh?  A bit illegal in Germany, but hey – this is the blog that treats its readers with contempt, remember?

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  1. Turns out that the nurse who was working on some experimental mind control drugs in the prisoner rehabilitation section of the hospital thought that he was erm 'really cute' and when she found out that he had money and was single well! What an opportunity!

    And now his days of wondering what to do were at an end, she would help to always keep his mind busy – by pleasing and obeying her….

  2. Yes, that's quite possible. In fact, there's a wide range of medical possibilities. Fortunately, she has been trained to work through them all, methodically.

  3. I do think the web holster detracts from the uniform and the clich├ę dominatrix boots but otherwise very severe. I remember fondly the torture scenes in Mosquito Squadron or 633 squadron films.

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