More advice to a novice sub – jargon busting

No, not ball busting.  Jargon busting!  As an experienced visitor of pro-dommes I am always happy to share my wisdom with nervous young subs seeking their first taste of the forbidden fruit that is a femdom session.  So I wrote two posts a while ago, trying to provide some of the most important tips. They went down very well, with several readers contacting me to let me know that they had tried my suggestions and survived. 

But, you know, there’s a lot more as well. Like any specialised subject, the world of BDSM is rife with its own phrases and acronyms and they can leave novices hopelessly confused. So here is Servitor’s jargon buster – all those puzzling terms explained. 

Write to me in the comments and let me know how you get on, newbies!

MILF. This is an acronym for “Mistress I’ve Lately Found”,
so it’s a perfect way to address any new domme you approach.  It can be particularly effective with more
mature ladies, though, as they are less familiar with the Internet, so these
acronyms are fresher to them.

Scat. This is a form of puppy play.  The puppy should lie on his back, paws
waggling in happy adoration of his goddess. 
She will stand menacingly over him for a while, then later order him to ‘scat!’
– meaning go away.  You don’t even need to arrange this in advance – just lie there, look up at her with those big puppy eyes, and say “Scat please, Mistress!”.  She’ll know what to do.
 Some dommes like to put newspaper down before a scat session, or even plastic sheeting, to make the puppy play more realistic – but don’t take this as a licence to do anything disgusting! 
I am afraid that I am not allowed to post upskirt pictures on this blog (because I am not allowed to look at them), so I can’t show the actual scat moment.  But I think it’s clear that it’ll be arriving soon, in this session!  Mmmm.  Puppy play is so cute.

Humbler.  This is a
complex and subtle form of psychological BDSM, in which the sub is given a
small token of his Mistress’s regard – used panties, quite often – and left
alone to contemplate them and his relationship to Her, for a few hours before a
session.  Even the strictest Mistresses
will usually allow unlimited masturbation during this time, as the point is to arrive
at the session sexually relaxed, to spend it in peaceful adoration.  Mistresses enjoy these quieter sessions
occasionally, so don’t be afraid to ask to arrive early – or even the night before
– to be put in a humbler.
Asking for an overnight humbler experience before tomorrow’s session.  She’s just warning him that his balls might be quite sore in the morning.  Obviously an experienced mistress who knows just many times he’s likely to bring himself to orgasm!

Forced bi.  A
double-domme session, in which one of the ladies only arrives after the sub is placed
in strict bondage.
This boy’s particularly lucky, because his Mistress not only agreed to arrange a forced bi session, she even asked him if he was up for a blow job!  I mean, duh – who isn’t, eh?!  Let’s hope her friend is pretty.

Sound.  Many subs
prefer their sessions to be carried out in total silence, so if you don’t want
this ask your domme whether she does ‘sounds’.
This sub asked for a double-domme medical session with lot of ‘sounds’. Just the thing for those who prefer their BDSM to be gently psychologically menacing rather than truly painful.  After all, sounds can’t really hurt you. Sticks and stones, and all that…

Bitch play.  Almost all dommes like to finish a puppy play session by making
love – doggie style! When you’re ready for this, show you want her to switch
into the animal role by calling her a ‘bitch’ – or, if you think
she might not realise you’re ready for sex, ‘fucking bitch’ just so she knows what’s expected of her.

You know what you want.  She wants it too – but you have to ask!

Judicial caning.  This
is the CP session to go for if you are new and nervous. Many men actually have
little idea of their real tolerance for pain, so if you ask for a ‘judicial
session’, she will carefully (‘judiciously’ – you see?) monitor how much she is inflicting
and will stop when you’ve had enough, so no safeword is required.

Remember, the world of BDSM is really quite playful.  You’d be surprised how many of the fiercest disciplinarians will accede to a humble request for the caning to be applied ‘judicial’ style, especially if you show them how much you trust them by requesting restraints and a gag.

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