And he loves it when she beats his brains out

(he’s pecked to death but he loves the pain)

She’s not talking to you.


I think you’re about to get a free session.
I think we can all agree and rejoice that this is the lovely Jean Bardot, can we not?


Hmmm.  Two captions in one post about a domme actually hurting someone who doesn’t want to be hurt.  Servitor – reprinting the same old shit since 2011.


I like an unhurried session.  For example, I’ve got a humiliation scene going that’s been building nicely for… oooh, about 47 years now.


Bloody typical!  Doesn’t ask me how my day was, does she?  But to be fair, it’s hard to say at this stage whether it’s been a good, bad or howlingly agonising day.  Not until she’s decided.

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