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  1. Great captions as usual, Servitor. I always enjoy them and admire your ability to come up with brilliant plots.
    I am intrigued by the Lady in the last picture…. she seems vaguely familiar. Have you got any idea who she is?
    prof Rath

  2. A pleasure to have you commenting here, Prof. No doubt it is all in the interests of advancing scientific research.

    I am afraid I don't really know who the lady is. For me, she was a "Shiny Lady" on ImageFap. To others, rather disgracefully in my opinion, she is Maria from bondagelog – a site apparently devoted to tying up young and attractive young ladies. I've never really seen the point, I must say – I mean, how can they spank us if their hands are tied? Still, it takes all sorts to make an Internet. http://www.bondagediva.dk/nytuk2008.html

  3. I think we've all been there, merk. Or wondered out loud how where all those snails came from – the ones that must have crawled all over the sheets. The trick is to find a good woman who just doesn't mind. Either that, or one with a soundproofed cellar and a whipping bench.

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