Golden rule

Ohhh-kay!  So did you
all hear what he just said, girls?  Can
you remember what that’s called?

That’s right – the safeword. And when we hear the safeword what do we do?

That’s right.  We stop. We stop immediately, OK?  Always.  NO exceptions. This is the most important thing we’re going to cover today – when you hear the safeword you stop.  Period.


I mean, if this was a real session, with a regular paying client, that is. Obviously, it doesn’t matter when it’s only Trevor.

But normally – if it wasn’t Trevor – what we’d be doing right now is talking to him about what he’s finding difficult in the session, right?  I mean, it’s probably that he can’t stand the pain of the whip any more, but we don’t know that, OK?  Always check.

So – I’m going to keep on whipping him now, but just
remember – in a real session, I wouldn’t be doing this, not without checking
he’s OK with it. 
Right, now I’m going to
start working from the other side.  Watch
what happens when the tip catches one of the older welts.

This was the delightful Mistress Mina Thorne, in a photoshoot for Men Are Slaves.
And just for the record: this is just a silly fantasy, OK?  No one was subjected to any non-consensual pain in the making of this blog post.  Well… except Trevor, obviously.

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