Boys only want love if it’s torture

Regular “readers” will know that my musical tastes rarely extend beyond about 1988.  But I am prepared to make an exception for Mistress Swift.

On with the rest of it… femdom captions, dominatrices, chastity, all those words that get search engines so excited, you know?

Oh no, not again.


You could try calling her tomorrow.  “Hi!  It’s William from last night.  That’s right, the one with the small penis.  Listen, I was wondering…”


NO!  Not the comfy chair!


Well… I hope someone’s asked Andy if he’s OK sharing his cucky closet, that’s all.  Some men can be a bit funny about that sort of thing – it’s their own special place, you know?


…and then if that gets too much, the electric shocks will take your mind off the pain from the welts.

0 thoughts on “Boys only want love if it’s torture”

  1. hi. i really love your work, especially the captions with castration themes!

  2. Thank you very much for commenting so kindly. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. And I hope one day you get to meet the lady of your dreams (and presumably rather rapidly lose the ability to enjoy it).

  3. Thank you, Mr Mojo. There are some really good and clever blogs out there, but the average standard is perhaps not high. But then it's essentially porn, not literature, so perhaps that doesn't always matter! Good of you to take the trouble to comment so kindly, anyway.

  4. Thank you very much for all the effort you put into your blog, the captions are excellent, I very much like the ones with non-scene ladies saying things, its sort of unexpected and exciting.

  5. THank you for the kind comment too, I really appreciate it when people take time to do that.

    Yup, that's how those non-scene ones work. The main alternative is caps of utterly 'dominatrix' women fussing about ordinary life. In fact, the whole sytem is set out here

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