Just a short one


Oh darling, there was a telephone call for you earlier.  One of those lifestyle surveys that
advertisers use.  I said we weren’t interested and you were busy
doing your chores, but they were very insistent.  Apparently, you’re an important demographic
for them.  Goodness knows why.  So I said I’d answer for you, so they won’t
keep calling back, you know.

Let me see now… what did they want to know?  They asked about hobbies so I said cleaning, ironing
and cooking.  They asked about your sex
life, so I told them you didn’t have one. 
They asked if there were any purchases that you always make sure you
never run out of, so of course I said tampons, because you know how cross I get
if you don’t have them ready for me.  Oh
– and they asked about disposable income so I said you get five pounds a week
in pocket money if you’ve been good.

They lost interest after that, I think, because they just
finished up the survey and rang off.

Sorry that was so disappointingly short.
Wow – I just had a really overwhelming sense of deja vue!  Because I’m sure I’ve typed that exact same sentence before.   But I think this is the first time I’ve posted such a short story as a stand-alone item, so I’ve no idea when that can have been.  Isn’t that weird!  Do you ever get that?
Oh well. I expect it’ll come to me.

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  1. You are really putting yourself down. Don't that's a Woman's job. They can decide when to have us done or to have us put down. No really its a wonderful little vignette and so is the ones below.


  2. You're very kind. I really thought it was embarrassingly short – you know, just not enough there to satisfy? But it's good you managed to get something out of it anyway.

    Unless that's just something you say to all the bloggers, to make us feel better about ourselves?

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