Hi there!  Listen, have you ever thought about how it must be for porn stars who aren’t in the femdom ‘scene’ who do an occasional femdom shoot?

I don’t mean those porn stars who just don’t have a clue about femdom – who pose around in some bit of leather or holding a whip, before getting naked and screwing some guy.

No, I mean girls who can do femdom properly – but just not very often.  By ‘properly’ I mean just punishing the guy and demeaning him and stuff like that.  And never letting him fuck her. 

Me, for example.  Hi!  This is me doing a spanking scene.

Exciting isn’t it?  And you can get on over to Clare Spanks Men and get more of that.  Servitor did and he’s hardly able to walk for wanking so hard.  Here’s another:

Stern, aren’t I?  But I’m not a domme.  I’m a mainstream porn star.  See – this is also me.  Actually, this is the sort of thing I spend more of my time doing than the ‘stern’ thing:

Or this…

And there are some even more revealing pictures out there – of me naked, or me having sex.  Videos too!  Vaginal, anal, oral.  A lot of oral…my lips lovingly wrapped around fat, veined cock.  But the little submissive who runs this blog isn’t allowed to show pictures like that.  They’re only for real men, you see.

And that, in a nutshell, is my point.  You can fantasise about my being some stern governess type if you like, or a hard-ass fitness trainer like this:

or a stern boss:

…and if that was the only thing I ever did, like a lot of spanking models and dommes, maybe that would be OK.  Of course I’m unapproachable, of course I’m an ice maiden, of course I don’t have the slightest interest in you as a man or in the thing in your pants, except as a possible cause of your habitual disobedience and thoughtlessness.  Of course – because I’m dominant and you’re submissive.

(Did you enjoy that? I was belittling and humiliating you.  You creepy little guy) 

Maybe you’d think that at the end of the shoot, I give a cheerful couple of extra spanks, and at weekends I go off to fetish parties with my friends in the scene.  Then it’s not so embarrassing to fantasise about my spanking you, is it?

But!  But but but, how much more humiliating is it to know that when I’m not behaving like that in the shoots and videos you fantasise to, I’m behaving like this on other sites?

…or even like this:

(yes, the panties do keep coming down.  But only on sites for real men.  So you don’t get to see anything more.)

Or even this – I think I can just about allow Servitor to post this one, although it’s not enormously deferential to what you submissive little creeps consider the superior sex:

and there’s more.  I fuck, I suck, I cum…you know, I do the normal things that normal guys want porn stars to do. 

…but having seen all that – and knowing that I will and do ‘put out’ for men who can actually cope with that sort of thing – how do you think I feel about this guy?

(Do you think when I’ve finished smacking this guy’s ass, I push him off and breathe out heavily and say – oh wow, baby!  That was fucking wild!  No. I don’t.  Because I’m treating him like a fucking naughty boy, not a lover, not a man.)

..or this one:

(Do I look like I’m in a state of sexual arousal in this picture?  Feel free to refer to some of my non-pervert photos further up, if you’re unsure about the answer).

And…finally (because although I’m sure you’re not tired of pictures of me, I’m certainly tired of talking to you) how do you think I feel about you?  About the ‘men’ who get more turned on by my shouting fully clothed at some little wimp before putting him over my lap, than you do by my fucking some stud of a guy?

How do you think I feel about you?

Knowing, that while this – and more – is readily available online to men who get turned on by real sex…

(well, I can’t really show little pansies like you the full scene you understand, but here’s a couple of scenes cropped so you can only see my face. You have to imagine what  else is going on.)

…and there are plenty where that big wide open mouth of mine is full, too.  Not for you, though.

But the only use of my mouth and tongue you’re going to get is to scold you.  Like a naughty child:

…and this is the closest you’re ever going to get to between my legs:

I’m a real woman and I like to fuck real men.  So much, I’ve made a career out of it.  Men all over the world fantasise about me going to bed with them, fucking them, sucking their cocks… And you are… what?  Fantasising about the big strong Australian girl with the muscular thighs smacking your bottom and telling you off as you lie across her lap.  Pathetic.

Humiliated?  You deserve it.

The part of the porn star in this tale was played by the astonishing Gigi Allens.  All these photos are of her, and I think we can agree that she is indeed an example of that very rare breed: a mainstream model and porn star who really can dominate.  I have no idea if her opinion about that – and about us- is as presented here.  But you know… it just might be.
All domination photos are from Clare Spanks Men.  Try it – if enough of you do, they might forgive me for using so many of their photos.  It’s good, anyway.  
The vanilla photos are from all over the place, so don’t even ask.  You shouldn’t be looking for that sort of smut anyway.

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