Resistance is futile

Utterly futile.

I love the way a recent article in the Guardian about science fiction on British TV just *happened* to use an image from this episode featuring whip-wielding dominatrices to exemplify the series Space 1999.


That’s only fair, because you’re not in fact safe.
The awesome Jean Bardot.


Aww… look at that little pout.  Isn’t she sweet when she’s cross?  Better do what the little woman says, hmmm?  Just to humour her, you know.  You can assert yourself later, I expect.


If you want a picture of the future, imagine a sweaty trainer stamping on a human face — forever*.


I do.
Mistress Francesca Harding, prepared it would seem to help with life-long learning experiences.

*Test time!  What is the slightly garbled literary reference?  Hmm?  Anyone?  You!  You at the back – hands out of your pockets, boy! – what’s the answer?

5 thoughts on “Resistance is futile”

  1. Very good, Nope – if that's your real name. You can clean teacher's shoes as a reward.

    Little Miss Atkins, you were later but I will award a merit for adding the name of the author (you would have had two, had you mentioned his real name – no, don't even try, it's too late now). You are therefore rewarded with not being punished.

    Everyone else – detention!

  2. Yes recognised it as George Orwell immediately. Loved the Space 1999 pic and recognised it immediately. Star Maidens is worth a look where males are escaping a Gynarchy to Earth. Forgot it had Blake from Blakes 7 in it. He went on to be tortured by Servilan. Me thinks he chooses his scripts and shows carefully.


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