Outer space now belongs to…

Anne!  And it’s got some stupid title but anyway it’s the Anne in space film!

Here are some publicity photos, and a sneak preview of the dialogue – well, monologue – from one of the best scenes.

Houston?  Crewmember
Brand here for Janus 9.   We have an
emergency. Oxygen levels are now at 43% nominal and dropping fast.  I am in my suit and my status is green, but
Commander Cooper and Crewman Benlow are out of their suits. Please advise, over.

Negative, Houston. 
The Commander and Crewman cannot en-suit at this time, because they were
engaged in sexual congress and the Commander cannot disengage.  Over.

Yeah – it’s kind of a forced bi thing I was making them
do.  We’ve had a bit of a femdom scene
going on up here, and I thought it would be funny to make the Commander fuck the Crewman up the ass.  They begged me not to, but I’m in charge in here.  Over.
What?  Well sure it’s relevant to the emergency, dickbrain!  Ahem, sorry, the Commander’s sexual organ appears to be
unusually engorged, Houston, probably due to the sudden drop in capsule pressure.  Consequently he cannot disengage from the
Crewman.  Over.

Houston, do you copy?  Oxygen at 31%.  Rate of depressurisation constant.  Over.

Negative, Houston, the Commander is unable to join this conversation.  It’s just on my suit channel.  I’m not broadcasting it through the cabin, Houston, because they’d be really embarrassed and they might hyperventilate.   Right now they’re breathing fast and shallow, like we did in training for emergency depressurisation.
Request permission to detach
the Commander’s penis from the rest of his body and thus enable both
crewmembers to suit up. Over.

Houston, do you copy?  Over.

Houston, awaiting response.


Glad you’re back, Houston.  You went kind of quiet there.  You want me to say again? 
Sure.  Can I castrate the
Commander?  He really doesn’t want me to
but I think it’s the only way.  I’ve got
a scalpel right here.  Oxygen now at 23%

Say again, Houston? 
Turn the oxygen back up?  No, I
don’t know how to do that.  I’ve heard
it’s kind of complicated.  Over.

Negative, Houston.  I
can’t see a dial that looks like that.  
I could look for one, but it would take a long time. But I’ve got the
scalpel.  Right here.  Please advise, over.

Oxygen levels now at 19% nominal, Houston.

Your call.

24 thoughts on “Outer space now belongs to…”

  1. Well when they say someone would look good even in an old fashioned diving suit I think she might be that person. Anyway she should be corrected by mission control as to what she intends to do. Its not castration its a penectomy.


  2. Can you believe that she is in a film with someone called Chastain. Sounds like chastity stain of something. Femsup

  3. Yes, well, thank you actually I do know it's a penectomy, this blog being no stranger to genital removal themes – but maybe she doesn't know that, hmm? Or maybe I did, and I agonised about precisely the pedantic point you're making but decided I really wanted a verb because I wanted that sentence to be short and there isn't really a verb penectomise? Or…or…


    Look, Femsup, as you're a frequent visitor here, I take it you visit dominant ladies from time to time? You do? Great. If you can just put me in touch with your regular, I'll drop her an email, if you don't mind, asking her to beat the crap out of you next time for pedantry.

    I don't know, I really don't… grumble, grumble, grumble.

  4. "Chastity stain (noun): slight discolouration in the gusset of a man's panties caused by involuntary leakage of semen while locked up. Typically occurs from the third month of chastity, but often ceases after two or more years without release."

    Oxford English Dictionary, ninth edition, 2036.

  5. There have been photos of her in the metro looking all pensive and dominant like she is mulling over what to do with us. That she has such a kind face I think emphasises her being comfortable with herself and her predilictions as imagined by yourself. Femsup

  6. You know, it's a very peculiar thing but the post that just went up today – a day after your comment (but scheduled weeks ago!) actually mentions the metro, in the very last image, featuring the lovely Audrey Tautou. There must be some kind of cosmic level connection there, a sort of synchronicity if you will.

    That or it's a co-incidence, anyway. I shall ponder this next time I'm riding my strapontin.

  7. And I have a friend married to a dominant who is called Petit Mignon. Did you see HER o the Graham Norton Show yesterday. She looks so English and sounds so American. Femsup

  8. Yes, well 'petit mignon' essentially means 'little cutie' as I understand it, so it's a sweet affectionate term. I visited a Maitresse once who referred to me as 'sale cafard' throughout the session. I expect that means something similar – I must look it up some time.

    I didn't manage to catch Herself on Graham Norton but I shall certainly try to find it on Youtube. Hooowwwl!

  9. This is one of my favorites. Would love to see more of this story or another like this if possible.

  10. That would be great as well. Just need to know how Anne handles this situation. I'm in complete suspense.

  11. For Anne I will make any sacrifice to complete the mission. Reporting for duty Commander.

  12. I wonder what femdom things she had them doing prior to this emergency. Hmmmmm

  13. I would be grateful but I have a faint suspicion you might be a spambot….

    But many thanks and apologies for the humiliating insult if you're not. Actually, a lot of readers of this blog quite enjoy humiliation and insults.

  14. Well, none at all, obviously. It's a serious business, going into space you know. No time to mess around -there's too much to do. I mean, there's administering the pre-flight enemas, for a start, and ensuring that the male crew's PCT-A (Penis Containment Tube – Aluminium) are properly fitted. Then there's all that vigorous manual gluteal stimulation to ensure continued free-flow of blood even in microgravity. And that's before we even get into the science experiments about the tensile strength of various soft tissues under strong acceleration or high gravitational stresses.

    The scene described above started just after the working shift ended, you know – just to unwind a bit. It's not – like – all they were doing! Honestly, readers of this blog seem to have just one thing on their minds, they really do.

  15. WOW thank you for those ideas. They really helped to stimulate my imagination even further. I would gladly pay to learn of these further experiments or anything just to read more.

  16. I'm not a spambot but I do enjoy this humiliation especially with Anne in space.

  17. And I keep coming back for more. This scenario just stays in my mind with every twitch of my cock. I want to be in space with Anne and have her experimenting on me so badly.

  18. Just came here to post that I had another session over this one. She is truly heart stopping beauty in that space suit with this writing.

  19. Willing to do anything to continue this story. Her heart stopping beauty is irrestible in this setting and story. Oh Anne what do I need to do to read about this more ?

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