If it is there it is here – but not vice-versa

A few weeks back, several of you were kind enough to comment on a post of mine asking advice about publicising this blog.  I have now set up a Tumblr version of the blog, at http://servitor-again.tumblr.com/. 

Many thanks especially to Total Discord and an anonymous commenter who suggested doing this.

However, if you’re reading this here there is little point in going there.  I have set up automatically to update when I post to this blog, but Tumblr requires that posts are categorised as photos, text and so on.  So a mixed post of this sort does not go up.  I have the automatic update set to ‘photo’ so every time I post here the first captioned image will be on Tumblr, but nothing else:  not the other images and no text.  A story using photos (like the recent Anne in Space) will be rather incomprehensible, as it would just consist of an uncaptioned picture of Anne wearing a spacesuit.  Which is very nice, obviously – almost as nice as Anne not wearing a spacesuit – but not really what I intended.  I’ll also queue up some old captions, posted here long ago, to keep the Tumblr ticking over.  But anyway, there will be nothing there that has not already been posted here, so you’re in the right place already!  Well done, you.

On with the show:

Very wise precaution.


Isn’t it just?  Fast Show reference, obviously, for UK viewers.
No?  I’ll get me coat…


Leave the back door open and lock the front.  That’s what my mother always used to say, anyway.


Oooh – exciting!  I wonder what she’s planning for those crucial last few seconds?  (Actually, of course, I already know but let’s just say I don’t want to ruin the surprise).

New dommes – don’t try this at home!  No, hang on.  Let me clarify: if you want to get drunk in session, do try it at home.  Not down the pub.

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