Literally, a re-entering, so obviously it’s not to be taken literally in my case.  But here we are, back again.

Same old, same old.

But more so.

If you know what I mean.

Update: thank you all for the kind comments, while I was away.  Sorry I didn’t respond at the time, but if you check back you should find that I have now.

…and while I was away, this blog went over 3 million page hits/views whatever it is!  Many of them by automated search bots no doubt, others perhaps by worthless little pathetic worms of no importance or interest to anyone whatsoever (if you’re wondering whether you’re one of them, then you probably are, like me), but even so it’s a nice big number.  Thank you all.

Update again.  Don’t you just love the horse picture?  Not the caption, necessarily.  Just the picture.  Isn’t it great?

Silenced cuckold femdom
It’s a bit unfair, really.  I mean he makes as much noise as he likes.  Doesn’t get the fucking sjambok, either. Why do we put up with this sort of thing?

Tawse ready and waiting for naughty boys
I’ve been caught shopkeeping eleven times, now.  Oh dear… am I out of butter again?  Off to the shops…

Femdom wife humiliation and enslavement oh my
He’s taking a subtle revenge for the lifetime of humiliation and suffering she imposed, though. He’s over-salted the popcorn.  Only slightly – but enough to notice, you know?  Haha!

Prison femdom mistress
You know, people can often behave very differently at home and at work.  Although actually, she doesn’t.

Weird pony PVC fantasy thing
I love this picture.  I quite like my caption to it, too.

Useless in bed
A bonus one, because I am by no means sure this one is actually femdom.

0 thoughts on “Rentrée”

  1. So I see from the comments! Thank you for contributing. It's always good to get feedback. And it reassures me that not all of the page hit count is search bots. Unless you are, of course. But I suspect not.

  2. It's a real pleasure to write them. Except when the words just won't come quite right, when it can be quite irritating. But I am nothing if not bloody-minded, so I just carry on. Thank you for commenting. Keep on being kept on.

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