Not a proper post

…just a few links and questions.

Firstly, if you haven’t watched R100 already (and you should have done because Paltego featured it ages ago on Femdom Resource, but now the full movie is on Youtube) just do so immediately, OK?  Don’t worry about it all being in Japanese – I understand the plot doesn’t make much sense anyway, and in all honesty are you really watching it for the plot?

Here are some photos, anyway. Not carefully selected from hundreds of vanilla shots: a lot of the movie really is like this, all the way through.    You know how you skip through movies looking for the kinky bits?  Yes you do, just admit it.  That’s better.  Well, in this, you don’t need to skip.





Secondly, and very different, there’s this.  It’s not really femdom, because there’s nothing overtly sexual about it.  But if you’re into 60s housewives and if you’re into menacing, dangerous ladies (and I expect you are, because let’s face it, you’re a bit of an old pervert aren’t you?), you might like it.  But after the dominatrix-fest of R100 don’t go expecting it to be femdom in the mainstream, OK, because it just ain’t like that.  Just a menacing little tale.

And finally, if you’re still here you’re probably a regular reader and I thought I might ask you about the blog.  I don’t really understand what’s going on with the stats.  I have more and more pageviews than ever – August 2014 was nearly 100,000, equal best ever, thanks to daily holiday photos.  Took me over three million all time, woohoo.  But there are fewer comments and absolutely no new followers: my follower list has been stuck on 296 for as long as I can remember.  So I’m beginning to think maybe more and more of my traffic is web-crawlers and suchlike and really the blog is static or in decline.

Most new blogs seem to be on tumblr.  Should I move to tumblr?  I don’t really like it as much as blogger… it feels more ephemeral and less serious than blogger.  I treat tumblr as a sort of database of internet porn photos and often don’t even notice whose blog I’m on.  So I feel the blog would lose identity if I moved it.

Is there anything else I should be doing?  I occasionally get extra traffic from having a captioned photo posted on tumblr (hence the little watermark), but it never seems to translate into sustained new sources of traffic – the sources of visits here are always the same (thank god and paltego for Femdom Resource!).

None of this matters all that much.  I am fairly happy continuing to post things, and I have well over a year of unposted captions just now, so… I’m not about to stop or anything.   I just wondered whether I’m missing anything and I’m in a declining section of the Internet.  Surely the population of perverts on the Internet isn’t maxed out yet?

Anyway, here’s a captioned image for reading this far.  Thanks.

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  1. i first became aware of your blog when i saw one of your captioned pics posted on Fetlife. And then, i posted a bunch of them there, myself, and they got lots of "loves.' However, Fetlife seems to be cracking down on that sort of thing (posting pics that aren't of or taken by the poster) and took down all of my pics. Chances are Fetlife's done the same thing to whoever posted the pic that brought me here and to lots of others as well. If so, that might be a factor in fewer new people coming here.

  2. I think the problem is the following:
    The trend went to mobile devices. And, in difference to tumblr, blogger hasn't really went with this trend.
    There is neither a mobile optimization for the browser nor an mobile app (or a really bad one just to publish but nothing to compare with tumblr). I think your followers dropped got stuck because of the plattform. It has no real benefits an mobile devices. But you can read the content on a mobile browser quite good. So I think you have a lot of readers who read your stuff but can't see the benefits from following.
    I don't think moving completely to tumblr isn't a good idea. There is very much stuff that's just horrible and you get spammed with this.
    Maybe a good compromise would be a mixture. Keep this blog alive as it is and let IFTTT(If This Then That do the rest. Any new post on blogspot –> push to tumblr. That could be worth a try. And you just have to post here and the people on tumblr can easily follow you, even on mobile devices.

  3. I am Slave 57 of Madame Ingrid and I like your blog very much. No need to change anything. Thank you.

  4. I am a long-time reader and a big fan of your blog, but a first-time commenter. I suppose I never really comment on anything, which is quite rude of me I know, and I will try to comment on the things you do that I really like (I loved your series on young women slowly getting introduced to BDSM, though I cannot remember the exact title for it). I don't really have any suggestions, but I'll keep reading and comment more.

  5. I am. as well as the one posting before me, a regular viewer since a while now, but i never Posted anything. And I am not sure if I can follow you without everyone connected to my social-accounts noticing ­čśë
    I love your blog as it is. Godspeed fellow pervert.

  6. I love the blog just as it is. Tumblr can be one that is just up and grabs the attention for a short period of time before you have a few dozen lined up. I think quite a few people would miss some posts.
    As for your follower number, there are quite a few ways to follow the blog (I used to do it on Google Reader and now on The Old Reader) so I wonder if people are following you on those and they don't count as a follower in your stats.

  7. Thank you very much, that's really helpful. I'm sure you're right about the mobile platforms. As I've said, I'm not about to do anything very radical but I have a bit of time to myself in a few weeks and I might look into – if I understand your suggestion rightly – your idea that in effect tumblr would publish this blog, which would stay here. That's a very attractive compromise. I'll check it out.

  8. Yes, possibly. I'm not really familiar with fetlife. But then if it really does just consist of pictures of the posters themselves I doubt I would want to. Believe me, you wouldn't keep coming here if I followed that rule.

  9. You're very kind. I know exactly what you mean. I don't comment enough on other blogs that I read, either – and it makes me feel guilty especially for those who have artistic talent (Red Rump, Underling – both wonderful). Sticking a caption on a picture is much less effort, so don't worry about it! It's good to hear from you at last, and I hope you'll comment again.

    and the series you like is 'turning points', I think.

  10. Hello!

    Yes – there is a tendency for everything to connect to a single ID now, isn't there? I'm not very social networky (not very social) but in any case, I don't mix my vanilla and, errm, real online personalities. On Youtube I'm Servitor, for example and on Google's page too (rather alarmingly when I first noticed it), but I do use a dedicated account for this so I'm not Servitor if I'm watching funny cat videos with my kids. It is a good point you make: I can well understand people can't follow if they're also engaged in vanilla activity at the same time.

    I think it's all rather more connected than it used to be, and social media and so on are more likely to be 'always on' when people are connected rather than just web sites they visit on occasion.

    Gosh, you're all very good at coming up with sensible (and very reassuring) answers! I'll have to ask you all for ideas again… gardening, for example. The power of pervery, eh?

  11. Yes. I don't really use readers and suchlike (I'm very web 1.0 to be honest), but I think there's a theme to a lot of these comments and it is that 'following' is something that made more sense a few years ago, but makes less sense today, because of technology and all that.

    Which is actually very reassuring. I started with the observation that pageviews are up, but followers number is flat, and worried that the latter might be more representative of the real situation. But several of you – for different reasons – are saying that it's more likely that the pageviews growth reflects reality but for whatever reason fewer of these viewers want or need to follow.

    Anyway, thank you – and at the time of writing this is the last-posted comment – so thank all of you, for those thoughts. More welcome below, but you have both heartened me and given me a few ideas to think about too.

    On we go!

  12. oh – and thank you for your comment, of course, jaywoof, and your continuing support! I promise not to try any more punishment essays not containing the letter 'i'.

  13. Oh – and my 'followers' just went to 298! There will be a special prize for number 300, anonymouses ('anonymice'?)!

    But of course, you have to agree to turn up to collect it in person, and agree to co-operate in all the media publicity…

  14. I visit your blog every couple of days and have done for years. But I've never bothered 'following' anyone on Blogger.

    It would work for me if you moved to tumblr; that's where most of the chastity captions seem to be. Yours tend to be the best though – best grasp of English, irony and subtlety.

  15. Every couple of days is possibly a little too often as I generally only post twice a week. Good to hear from you. Yes, I don't see much point in following either (I only follow other blogs because I have this one). I actually don't particularly mind whether I have followers or not – I was just wondering if the static follower numbers indicated declining interest. And there seem to be good reasons to think that's not the case.

    As I discussed above, I'm almost certainly not going to move to tumblr, but I might explore some kind of mirroring, so there's a tumblr that's the same as this blog.

  16. Mistress does not have 56 slaves, the numbers shows the status. 1 to 10 = near to mistress, I don't know exactly, i never belonged to this group. 11 to 20 = second choice but also near to mistress. I was a member when I was young and had enough money. 21 to 30 = no longer or never near to the mistress but from time to time a little chance but always outside. 41 to 50 work, money, work, money, work, money, work, money, >50 = garbage. I changed from 17 to 37 to 57.

    If she likes it ? I will ask her and I hope that the answer is not given by the whip. Sorry for the mistakes, I am an old german pervert.

  17. Hi Servitor,

    Thanks for posting on this topic. It's something that's been troubling me as well. I've never really trusted Blogger's analytics, but I've seen the same thing – increased pageviews, but no new followers. My blog has never really garnered much in the way of comments, so that doesn't help me much as a measure of viewership.

    Tumblr is clearly the most popular platform for this sort of thing. I think that's largely because it's easier to view on your phone in the shower, if you catch my drift. That being said, I haven't moved to Tumblr because it isn't really set up for what I want to post – story chapters and sets of topic-related captions. Tumblr seems to be directed at posting single images, with endless re-blogging. Content also seems to get instantly buried in the massive volume of posts.

    The strategy I settled on is to use my Tumblr account to promote my Blogger site. When I post a set of captions on Blogger, I'll put up a caption or two on Tumblr. I also use it to re-blog my captions when other people post them without a link to my site. Reverse image search makes it really easy. I just re-blog the post with my Blogger url as the comment. No offense taken, I just want people to be able to find my site if they're interested.

    I've also created a Twitter account to notify people of new posts. Twitter's not really my thing, but lots of people use it, it's easy to follow people on, and a certain Domina may have ordered me to create one. You know how these things are. It's just better to do as your told. At least that's what I'm told.

    It sounds like you're leaning in a similar direction with your mirroring idea. If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

  18. I wrote a little bit confusing.
    I think tumblr is the actual trend but there is very much trash. On the other hand you have the great mobile support.
    Yes you understood correctly. You can easily use IFTT to push every new post from here to tumblr without any interaction from you, just keep this blog alive.

  19. Ah, I see. Well, if you work really hard, I hope you can rise back another 7 places or so – so you'll be allowed to work even harder.

  20. Thanks TD. Yes, I agree with all of that. I'm going to have a go at the mirroring thing with tumblr, and then I might try twitter too – although I suspect that's more about getting existing readers to check back, and I think they mostly probably do that already, as other blogs – including yours, thank you! – show this one as the top when it updates (and there's a noticeable spike in traffic when they do).

    Anyway, all a very good (and very reassuring and supportive) discussion. What a great little community of sick, deviant, contemptible little perverted worms we all are, to be sure.

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