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  1. Do you realize that on this young man caption this is not London but Warsaw, in Poland? ­čÖé

  2. And that the typeface is not, as promised, in Gil Sans, but is instead in some weird neotransitional serifed typeface? It looks like Playfair Display or something…

  3. I don't understand why you act like s*ithead. I wasn't rude or anything so this sarcasm was not necessery.

  4. I am sure Steve wasn't being sarcastic about your post Mr A. He has commented on typefaces before, in response to a caption of mine about them.

    It's not a suggestion you're being pedantic (which I think is your understandable assumption), more an in-joke about the blog.

    Now, do any of you have any idea how hard it is to administer this blog from a phone? No, I thought not. No more replies from me until I'm back from holiday! You'll just have to play nicely until then, OK?

  5. Anyway, little spats and misunderstandings aside, thank you both for commenting and pointing out my errors. The next time I visit my Significant Other, I'll pass those messages on. She's always keen to discover mistakes on my part. She says it gives her renewed purpose in our relationship. So, err, yeah, thanks a lot guys.

  6. So do I, BOB! I wish I knew what the writing on it means (I mean the Asian language, not the caption in English – and in Gill Sans – obviously, because I wrote that). Any Chinese, Japanese readers care to comment?

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