Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt

She’s the kind of a girl that makes the News of the World
Yes you could say she was attractively built.

(Pictures are unrelated. I just like the song and the idea of linking it to femdom.)

Bent over secretary
Yes, do try.  Fortunately, I had a bit of an off day when writing these captions, so there are no sexy thoughts here.  Carry on – it’s perfectly safe.

Mistress and sissy
Of course, you can refuse if you like.  But then she’ll stay cross.  That’s really not good news.
Lexi Sindel… and some bloke dressed in pink. 

Girl with sniper rifle
Hmmm.  Well, I’ll try anything once, you know?

Femdom scene 345
Errr… two and a half?  Two and three-quarters… thr… three?

Actually, this isn’t one of mine.  It just arrived in my email inbox.  I thought I’d share it.

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