Standing room only


Oh hey.  Listen, I am
really sorry about this, but as we’re expecting to be quite busy this evening,
we’re gonna need to limit access?

We try to only let the more attractive customers in, you
know?  It’s corporate policy, we’re the
place where the beautiful people go – that kinda thing.

Anyway, your friends can come in, but I’m afraid you don’t
make the grade.

Yeah, I know.  Sorry.

Well… you could go to MacDonalds?  Or if you wanna wait here, we can see if you
get invited to a table?

Yeah, sure.  See – if
a table of women decide you’re attractive enough, they can call you over, and
then you can eat – just like everyone else! 
Pretty neat, huh?

OK, well, sure!  You
just go over there in the corner, honey. 
Where it says “Rejects – male”. 
Under the light there, so everyone can see your face.  And you just stand there, waiting to see if
anyone wants you.

Oh yeah, you’re the only one just now.  But I expect there will be a few more,
too.  There’s always a few unattractive
men like you, hoping to get lucky.

Oh – and if by the time we close, you haven’t been picked,
we’ll give you some leftovers, OK?  So you
won’t go home hungry.

Sure – no problem! 
Don’t worry about telling your friends – I’ll explain it all to them.

Oh – I’m Carly, by the way.

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