Making him pay

Ballgagged flr husband
nnnn nnnNNN  NNNGGG!  nngg nnnng!

Cane mistress looking stern...whew
Oh well.  It’ll be agony this time, around, but…it’s not as if you masturbate often.  Is it?

Femdom choices
Oddly, I understand this is one exception to the rule ‘everything tastes like chicken’.  It just doesn’t.
 This is from a lovely English Mansion clip, much of which can be found here.  I just love the way Mistress Neive (the blonde one) giggles.  ‘Hee hee hee’. Somehow the way she’s slightly self-conscious makes it even sexier.

Fail humiliation
Good thing you’re into humiliation.  You’ll be getting lots of that.

Yet another castration cap
Actually, it’ll be quite a bit cheaper than having it done back in a properly equipped facility in the First World.  More holiday spending money – can’t object to that!

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  1. Mmm, breakfast. She seems too hungry, and in the end, he might just be content with what lies underneath the white panties.

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