The hard labour of love

Stupid slave tricks
I don’t see why.  Sounds like a great deal to me.

Well slapped slave
That’s thoughtful.  One of my former Significant Others was always very keen on symmetrical patterns of welts.  She’d take quite a long time adding a bit here, a bit there until it was right.

Mean Madame Sarka
Good.  It’s about time those pampered slaves at OWK learned the meaning of hard work and discipline.
 This is – of course – the magnificent Madame Sarka, who will not be returning to OWK, but can be found here.

Scuff marks on his back
Yeah.  Women can be sensitive about these things.
Aren’t the little heel-marks cute, by the way?

Apologies to for abusing two of their pictures this week (it’s their own fault for making such a vast archive of video stills public!).  Of course, if they object in any way I will beg their forgiveness and take whatever consequences they mete out.  In the meantime, why not pay their website a visit? 

Nice to see boys getting a look-in, in this traditionally female occupation anyway.  I’ve always fancied being a booth-babe.  But it’s hard to imagine a product that would actually sell any more if I did.

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  1. Us humble cons here at OWK have it too easy, don't we Servitor?(at least that's what our mistresses told us to say..)

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