Her whim is my command

Of course, this blog is strongly opposed to real bullying.  Just keep it for play, in session, that’s what I say.  Not that She ever listens, when I do.

It’s odd the things women find sexy, isn’t it?  For some it’s chunky jumpers, for others it’s brutal, relentless torture.  Mars, Venus, whatever – you know?

Opinionated husbands forbidden
That sounds fair.  I’m certainly not going to argue.

She deserves a night off, I reckon.  She can always pick it up wherever she left off, tomorrow morning.

femdom random clickbait caption here
It’s not a good thing to go around with suspicious, negative thoughts about any relationship.  If you start thinking ‘What if Mistress murders me?’ each time, then you’re just not going to enjoy the session, and who does it benefit anyway?  I mean, really?

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  1. Make more captions with celebrities threatening spankings!Courteney Cox,Aishwarya Rai,Jennifer Aniston…

  2. I was talking to my old friend, Kate, about whether a sissy slave should be allowed to express opinions on his own with out guidance and instruction from his Responsible Female. She though that as long as it was about inconsequential things like the weather, or the beauty of a flower in the garden then it can be amusing to hear and allowed. The problem comes, and I agree with Kate, when a sissy says he likes me in a particular skirt, or approves of my hair style. Then he has crossed over into rudeness and very inappropriate language.

    I had a slave who was a Trump fan. He kept expressing his admiration for the President and even spoke in front of my dinner guests when he heard someone saying something against 'The Donald''.

    My guest was naturally shocked and told him to shut up and get on with serving the sweet dish. I told my guest that my sissy will be punished for his rudeness. My sissy quickly kissed the shoes of the (male) guest and expressed his sorrow at speaking without permission.

    So, a sissy with an expressed opinion is a very horrid thing.


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