Consolation prize

Hi honey! 
Did you sleep well?

Oh – don’t worry about that.  To tell the truth, I was quite relieved when
you couldn’t get it up!  You know…I
thought I should fuck you after you spent so much money, and all…but I didn’t
really want to.  I mean – you’re just not the type of man I find attractive.  I was just feeling sorry
for you, really.

No, don’t worry about it.  It’s OK!  Really.  Happens to lots of men, especially if they’re a bit self-conscious about not being handsome, or smart or fun to be with.    I know you’re inexperienced.  I guess it’s different with a real woman,
huh?  I mean compared to looking at porn
on the Internet?

Oh – sure you do.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of!  How else is a guy like you going to get
himself off?  It must be really
frustrating being rejected and ignored by women all the time.  I think it’s great that there’s some kind of outlet for men who aren’t ever going to attract a real woman, so they can pretend they’re just like everyone else.

Again?  Oh. 
Oh…well, honey, I think you’re really sweet, but I need a proper
man.  You know?  Maybe we can just have this as a very special memory.

Sure – no problem.

Hey – would you like to take a picture of
me?  Here, wearing my blue lingerie.  I can hold my hair up with my hands, if you
like, like a model!

Got it? 
There.  Now you can upload that
onto your computer, and play with yourself while you look at it.  Pretending you’re in control.

If you share it online, maybe one of
those porn blogs will put it up too…and caption it or something!  Then lots of lonely, pathetic men could
masturbate to my image.  To forget how
sad their lives are… just for a moment.

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