Slap happy

You know what you deserve… but here are some pervy pictures instead.

Wearing wifes dresses
Oh I do hope I get to wear that one.

Painful perversions
And paying them for it.  And thanking them afterwards.  And then in a few months doing it all again.  Here, in my case.

And this?  I mean – do we have to put up with this sort of thing?  Yes.

Russian femdom petplay
Actually, slave-fighting’s illegal in most civilised countries. And he can definitely sue if he has his balls bitten off, so really he’s got nothing to worry about.
 This image from Tyrannized, like it says.  Very good if you like your femdom in bright, primary colours.

I think you’re about to find out how ridiculous you look.  And if I know Angie, so’s everyone else.

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