Smart business

Hi – come on in and sit down!
Oh, don’t worry.  Just
because you’ve been asked in to see me, it doesn’t mean you’re having a ‘chat
with the boss’!  I mean you are
obviously – but not like that.  I just
wanted to hear how things were going.

Great, great.  Well, I
hear good things.  Who knows – maybe
you’ll be joining us permanently when the internship is over!

Yes, well.  We’ll see in… three weeks time, now, is it?

Just one small thing – before you go.  You know of course that this company prides
itself on the way it treats all its staff with respect – male as well as
female, even young interns like you?  So,
I don’t want you in any way to feel offended or insulted by this, but –

But… your clothes.  I couldn’t help noticing.  I
mean, of course they’re in line with the company dress code, but – could be a
little sharper, hmm?

Like what?  Well, like those trousers you’re wearing, for example.  I mean, baggy trousers like that are fine for
students, but in a business place, perhaps they’re a bit too baggy?

Well I think they’re baggy.  I mean, they’re not tight are they?  It’s up to you what you wear – of course. 
But I like to see our staff looking smart.  And a nice tight pair of trousers looks very
smart on a boy – I mean a young man like you.

And maybe you don’t have to wear long trousers all the time,
you know?  We keep the office nice and
warm, so why not show your legs occasionally? 
I’m sure you’ve got lovely legs.  Shorts are quite fashionable just now, aren’t they? Especially in nice bright colours. Yellow’s very cheerful, I always think.

Anyway, it’s none of my business.  What do I know about boys’ fashion – I’m just your boss!
And this was just a friendly chat.  My decision on whether to give you a permanent job or let you go certainly won’t
depend on whether you dress in dumpy old trousers or smart shorts! I
t’s my decision alone, so you don’t need to worry about anyone else’s opinion, OK?  I know it’s a very important matter for you, so I want you to feel completely confident I’ll be quite impartial.
That’s all.  Off you go now.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you here on Monday!

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  1. I'll be wearing extra short, extra tight shortys from now on ma'am.. I'm sure that's appropraite attire fotr doing yoir photcopying,,(

  2. I think the shorts should be virgin white just so that any stains can show up. Maybe blood stains or maybe brown ones. No underpants worn under the shorts of course as they would disturb the line of them.


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