Turning points

A bit of a change of pace today.  As regular readers will know, Contemplating the Divine is not known for subtlety.  Most of the reprehensible material posted here depicts femdom situations that are brutal, non-consensual and occasionally anatomically impossible (click here).

So, let’s try something different for a change.  These are captions that are NOT about female domination.  Not yet.  Each presents the very moment at which a vanilla relationship just might take a more flavourful turn.  And then there’s a choice to be made: your choice.  The red pill or the blue.  Donna can turn left or right.  Sure, the choice you make in this situation could lead eventually to life in slavery…but it doesn’t have to.  Turning points.









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  1. Hi Servitor,

    Have to say I`ve been a huge fan of yours for ages- for me "Turning Points" is some of the best work you have ever done. The subtlety & originality is enlightening and delicious.

    My 1st wife very much fitted into this category and how I wish we could have swallowed the blue pill lol!

    The marriage might have lasted longer…guess what…the old old story…found my collection of reprehensible pornography and emails to various dominatrix`….bye bye 4 years of bliss!

    Anyway, I digress!

    All of the above (apart from Raoul haha) are similar things to what Rachel used to have me do.

    I`d do chores on a Sunday and she would inspect, like a little game. If I did well she would let me file and moisturise her feet or play with her long hair.

    Mild humiliation, ordering me about in front of her friends and her sister and her mum….Shopping on a Saturday afternoon for new work shoes for Rachel in M & S my kneeling to fasten the straps of her high heels smiling down at me……holding her hands as she wore soft black leather gloves in the winter…mmmm.

    To be honest Rachel took me for everything in the divorce haha and of course I was more than willing to let that happen. Now she looks amazing & loves to taunt me about her new life- I also give her much more money etc than I should.

    Anyway, thank you…keep up the good work…a Turning Points II would be amazing ­čÖé



  2. and you could add
    my girlfriend.. but don't worry if you don't have time
    me…ok I well leave it
    my girlfriend… but the thing is I really need
    me… grumble moan swear under breath

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

    Sounds like you came rather close, with Rachel. I hope you get another chance, some day.


  4. Ah, well now the whole passive-aggressive thing is worth a post in itself. "No really, don't bother if you don't want to…"

    I'll work on that, I think. Thank you.


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