Madame Sarkas travels
Fair point.  It’s quite hard to travel internationally without money too.  Or clothes.
  Madame Sarka.  Of course.  Need I say more?

Schoolgirl skirt humiliation
I expect they’ll just agree to keep it our little secret, don’t you?  In exchange for total obedience, obviously.
 From St Mackenzie’s, a site that (in the previews at least) has lots of wonderful shots of schoolmistresses looking stern, and schoolgirls looking dangerous… but then disappointingly always seems to have them take their clothes off and look ready for vanilla sex.  I mean, who wants to see that?  There are some real weirdos out there, no?

Why does it have to be so difficult
This is kind of autobiographical.  I really hate the actual feeling of being beaten, so although in the weeks leading up to a session I’m all excited, in the hour or so before there’s just this “oh fuck, pretty soon someone’s going to be hitting me with a leather strap and it’s going to hurt!”.  Out of all the fetishes there are, why this one, hmmm?  Why not cuddly toys, or something?  Or ballooons.  I’ve tried…and balloons do nothing for me.
This is from Cruella.  You could tell even without the tag, right? 

Size most certainly does matter
Go on – surprise her!
 No idea who this is.  Doesn’t matter, though, as after tonight I expect she won’t be seeing you again.

Good hard ball-busting
Yes, you’ll always have those memories.

0 thoughts on “Unpleasantries”

  1. They don't tend to let males festooned in chains through either something about the metal setting of the scanners.

  2. I agree with you, Servitor. The photos from StMackenzies.com are really inspiring. I could do without the "now, get naked so it's like every other porn site" aspect though.

    It's true the after tonight, that beautiful woman won't be seeing you again. But will you ever forget the sound of her laughter?

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