Tough love

Very tough, sometimes.  Ouch.

Captioned images of female domination follow.  Obviously.

Femdom air stewardess
Not a clothes cupboard, you understand.  Don’t get your hopes up, loser.

Yes.  Apparently she doesn’t have Madame Sarka’s easygoing and forgiving nature, so do watch it.  Still – congratulations!  Happiest day of your life, and all that!
 Madame Sarka, of course, formerly of OWK.

Oh I always do that sort of thing.  Live for today, I say!  Who knows where we’ll be tomorrow, eh?  Well, I mean, in this case here, obviously.  And the day after that, and…
 This image from Cruella.  There’s a certain bleakness that is unmistakable.  Mmmmm.

Oh no.  I hate going to her parents’.  Especially after a flogging.  Oh well… who said life had to be fair?

Gratuitous cruelty  – dontcha love it?

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  1. Don't worry Servitor,I don't get bored in here. We'll just have to get on with our duties of scrubbing the concrete floor and breeze blocked walls until they gleam and wait until another one of the ultra strict all female prison officers comes in to our respective cells to taunt us and give us further orders.That's the highlight of the week..).

    Wouldn't a weekly flogging by a tough female ptobation officer be a good non custodial punishment too..)

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