Bedside manner

Mr Isaacs?  Oh hi –
I’m Suzie Brooks.  I just wanted to come
and introduce myself, because I’m going to be your castration nurse this

Yes, well I just think it’s more friendly this way.  You know – if the hands that are holding your
testicles don’t belong to a complete stranger!

No, that’s right, I’m certainly not a doctor.  I’m a student nurse, actually!  I’m being assessed on this afternoon’s
operation, so if you can – you know – say what a good job I did, that would
really help.

Oh god, no!  You’re
not the first. I’ve done…oooh, let me see. 
I think you’re the eleventh, actually. 
I want to specialise in castrations, you see – I really love it.  Hoping to get a transfer to the sissy ward.

Sorry – that’s just what we call it.  You won’t say anything, will you?  Thanks!

So, do you have any concerns about the operation?

Well, duh!  I
mean apart from not wanting to have your balls cut off!  Obviously! 

I haven’t met a man who wanted it yet!  I had this really angry guy last time –
serial rapist, apparently!  Anyway, he
was straining at the bonds, and shrieking and yelling blue murder – what a business!  Still, we got him done.  One less rapist out there, eh?

Oh don’t worry, I know you’re not! 
I read your file.  Yes – it was
just sexual harassment in the office, wasn’t it?  You told a sexist joke or something?

Well, OK.  But she
thought it was sexist, obviously, and that’s what matters.  Maybe
she over-reacted, I suppose.  Some women
do.  There’s always two sides to the
story, aren’t there?  Still, better to
nip it in the bud now, just in case.

No – she’s not coming. 
We invited her, of course.  Most
complainants like to be there – they get to choose the exact moment when I
cut.  It’s really annoying,
actually.  I’m standing there holding the
balls in one hand, holding the handle of the elastrator in the other.  And I have to wait until they say go… and
some of them take their time, I can tell you. 
Slow countdowns, that kind of thing. 
And that handle’s really highly sprung – basically I just have to loosen
my grip, and the two handles spring apart and the wire does the rest.  Kind of like a cheese wire – you know?

Anyway, it’s a lot easier if the victim’s not there.  I can just pop them off straight away.  Nothing to it.

So…is there anything I can do to make you a bit more
comfortable?  No, I’m afraid those have
to stay on.  If we stretch the ball sack
like that for a few hours before, the cut’s a lot cleaner.  Actually, the ward nurse will probably be
along in a moment to double the weight. 
There’s only two hours to go, after all.

OK, then.  Well, I’ll
be back in a couple of hours.

And… don’t forget what I said about the assessment, OK?  I know it’s just a routine op, but…well, it’s
really important for me.  Good firm grip,
straight into position with the elastrator in a nice smooth movement,  not being put off by pleading, or by the
screaming when I cut – that’s the kind of thing they’re looking for, OK?

Great.  Well here
comes the nurse with your extra weights. 
See you later!

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  1. Brilliant again! Could there not be a single ball cut off for the first offence. I suppose it would be the choice of the boss of the company who would decide and she ( it would always be a she) would deliberate on one ball or two. Maybe it would be put before a vote of the companies Women employees and keep things all democratic.

    Of course on dressing down Fridays ( not dress down) the day of the week when the males received formal punishments and were kept naked (well apart form many of them wearing chastity devices and collars and such) the office could see just who had offended through sexist jokes or learing etc. They might forget that old so and so had been neutered back in 17.


  2. Great work Servitor, subtle, raw and overwhelmingly unfair as always. I read back through your whole blog recently. Really great work. Would you please email me so we can talk further?

  3. Oh dear me, Femsup, I'm afraid you've got completely the wrong end of the stick there! This isn't a punishment – they're not barbarians, for goodness' sake!

    No, it's just a sensible precaution that's all. Who knows where these things would lead to, if they're not nipped in the bud early on?

  4. You read the whole blog? Wow. That must have taken a while. Don't you have chores to do? Perhaps an absence of chores explains how you can write so fast on your own blog (I like your stories).

    I could email you, if you really like. Mmmm. Only…

    Only…well…the 'Servitor' personality really just exists on this blog. And maybe occasionally in session, if I'm feeling cheeky and bold. I don't really live this side of me outside those sorts of fantasy spaces, and I'm not sure why, but something about emailing someone to talk about it disturbs me a little. It just seems slightly to breach the separation I maintain…

    Sorry, there's really no sensible or explicable reason for my feeling like that. But would you mind if we just talked here in the comments?


  5. Ah, no problem. I totally understand. I asked for a private format simply because I wanted to ask you to take a look at my blog. I'm working on a set of stories in a role reversed femdom world, similar to the setting of some of your captions. I try to work in a level of detail and subtlety that I see in your work. Anyway, I hope this isn't an inappropriate message to leave in your public comments.

  6. Hello Nick. Thanks. Not an inappropriate message at all. I have actually looked at your blog before. I love the way you try to create a consistent world and what you're doing on reddit to spread the message. I like your stories, too. I'm not always into the same things you're into, but that's utterly OK and no doubt works both ways too.

    (On this blog, I suspect that the readership mostly divides in half over whether they prefer rather girly vanilla girls saying cruel things, and dommes in black leather. It's my blog so we're going to have both!)

    Keep it up (so to speak)


  7. Brilliant, thank you.

    If I were your slave, I would gladly submit myself for total castration.

    Perhaps afterwards, you would be kind enough to further humiliate me by cooking the removed material, and adding it as the meat content of your next meal.

    Which you would oblige me to watch you consume. After you had finished you would pat your by then full stomach, and say “I really enjoyed that, it was delicious, but don’t worry, you will get it all back in due course, after all you are my toilet.”


  8. The ball stretcher idea is what really makes the story, in my opinion. There are countless stories of medical castrations out there, often with the same premise (accusation of sexual harassment). But the idea of the nurses cooing and reassuring him, even as the stack more ball stretchers on him . . . there's nothing else like that out there.

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