Blessed art thou amongst women

We’re all blessed to be amongst women, don’t you think?  Usually, I have to pay for the privilege, but even so..

You know, that reminds me of a funny story.  The first time I visited a domme in France, she asked if I
wanted to be “blessé”.  So of
course I said “Oui, Maîtresse!” and I knelt down and waited for
divine benediction.

But, would you believe it, in French “blessé”
means wounded!  


Goodness, how I laughed at my mistake afterwards, when the
bones in my jaw had been re-set.

Funny old world, isn’t it?  And apparently in Estonian, the phrase “blow job” means “penectomy”.  Strange but true.  Could be all sorts of scope for amusing misunderstandings there, I imagine.

On we go.

Well… it’s not as if the chair’s that comfortable anyway.  Me on the ring, her sitting on the chair…we’ll see who cracks first.
 Anyone not realising that this is the divine Eleise de Lacy, or that Femme Fatale Films are absolutely superb… well, anyone like that probably isn’t reading this blog, actually.

I don’t normally credit Tumblrs, but this is from the “fuckyeahstewardesses” tumblr, which once you’re past the slightly, mmmm, crude name is actually rather tasteful and lovely.  Unlike the red glove treatment, which isn’t either of those things.

Nothing to see here, let’s move on.

She’s going to be her own, er… ex-step-mother!  How cool is that?
 Planet Femdom.  If statuesque German ladies are your thing (and even more so, if you’d like to be their thing), it’s the place you want to go right after this.
Ah yes.  Hers isn’t quite as frilly.  And, to be fair, it doesn’t say “punishment dress” on it either.  Or have the little lacy cuffs at the back for wrists.  And she can take it off herself.  Still, nice to be a matching couple.

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  1. Bottom pic was the most appealing to me. I do enjoy your posts though. Feel free to check out and follow my blog which is a mixture of highlights in my journey submitting to my lovely dominant wife, and some Fem dom themed posts that include internet photos to paint a picture.

  2. I really enjoyed all those pics , Servitor.The first one looks like one of my prison officers.I think we are both going to spend quite a bit of time in the punishment room for not displaying our ID cards/numbers prominently enough.I don't think my prison issue canvas sneakers laces were tied 100% corrcetly either..)

    As a punishment following the red glove tratment, I propose tht all pilots and other airline staff are busted down to "junior cabin crew" for sexist or otheriwse acceptable behaviour donnig the old style uniforms with little caps, dresses and aprons -obeying every order of the stewardesses they upset of course

    I felt a little self concious wearing the "punishment dress" -written in huge lettsrs on the back until I saw the female sheriff leading a gang of guys on community services digging a ditch all dressed like me..)."Ma'am, yes ma'am I won't be "choosing" to do anything for a long time"..)

  3. Why do castration and penectomy fantasies make us so hard. You would think that we would want to stay soft and not draw attention to that thing that might soon be removed. All that here I am and waving about it just smacks of attention seeking.

    A little bit of crime now with the Lawless.

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