The crying game

It’s her favourite.  But she can tell when I’m faking.

Femdom doctor and evil experiments oh my
The important think about science is that experiments should be repeatable.   So, they’ve done this experiment nineteen times now, and the boy’s head goes ‘pop’ every single time!  Proper science, that is. 

Femdom dominatrix spanking google bait
It’s all Paul”s fault.  I don’t know why Yvonne lets him get away with it.

WW2 femdom
If they look really closely, they just might begin to develop doubts about the authenticity of those stone walls.  But then, they were never very bright even before being subjected to all of this.

Evil schoolgirl part 88
I can’t decide which I find more attractive: young ladies being cruel when I deserve it (as in the scenario here, if you can be bothered to read the whole thing) or young ladies being cruel when I don’t.

That anal hook will be mine.

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  1. Thank you, Billy. It's great to have comments…provides a bit of reassurance that not all of the traffic is searchbots.

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