Divine retribution

Do not seek to question it.

It’s funny how you sometimes feel let down after a birthday, don’t you think?  As if there should have been more to it, somehow?  Oh well – there’s always next year.  In you go.
Lesbian castration plans
Yes, let’s get it sorted.

Spiked chastity belt
Still am, I’m afraid to say.  Ow!

Mistreated slave the lucky boy
And she’s used to getting what she wants.

INtensive CBT sessions
Easy to confuse the two.  Wouldn’t it be awful, though, if you visited a beautiful young professional lady for an intensive CBT session, then found yourself spending the next two hours putting positive feelings into practice?

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  1. I live in southern Connecticut. One day I was up in the Hartford area, and I drove past the (now closed) Connecticut Bank & Trust building. I still crack up over the initials displayed on their sign.

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