New Year resolutions

To mark the passing of the old year, and the beginning of the new, I decided to ask all of the ladies who regularly appear on Contemplating the Divine to share their New Year resolutions with our ‘readers’.

Most of them just told me to fuck off and die, of course, but here are the contributions from those who did not.  Oh – and believe me, when these ladies resolve to do something, it does get done.

Apparently I’m going to have some New Year resolutions too, but She hasn’t told me what they are yet.  Quite exciting!















,,,and last but always first in my heart…



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  1. Well thank you. Of course, even though the exams are in July, she won't hear until late August at the earliest. So unfair, making them wait like that – not knowing whether the next day will bring a letter promising joy, or endless frustration.

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