I know when I’ve been beaten

and sometimes the neighbours do, too.

Keira hands over control
Actually, that whip she gave him is pretty take-charge too.  But it doesn’t hurt to make sure.  Well..I mean, it does hurt.  Obviously.

Bullwhip femdom sarcasm
A little light spanking?

Mean cheerleaders
Yeah, come on.  She’s right.  Sometimes you just have to trust people.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Hmm?  Oh – well apart from that, then.

Other world kingdom maid or was anyway
Her very first maid-boy!  Bless.

Good hard thrashing dammit
Business.  It’s all about relationships.  This particular relationship is female-led and abusive.  Welcome to the team. Worm.

0 thoughts on “I know when I’ve been beaten”

  1. I love the Keira caption. Give her your key, and you'll be amazed at the… person… you become!

    And I think you can *definitely* trust that sorority girl. She sounds really sorry. No way something bad happens this time…

  2. Yes, very nice to see Keira back here again – must admit I've got a soft spot for the butter-wouldn't-melt English Rose image ­čÖé

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