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Well, here’s my very first guest publication, from a remarkable contribution in the comments section a week ago by Surrendered Husband, in response to this:

It’s a privilege for me to share it up here, where I thought it might get the wider audience it deserves.

Over to you, Surrendered:

Men’s Lib

Society is an absolute gynarchy now and has been since anyone can remember. Well
at least as far back as the elementary history lessons that boys are taught

After their six years of school, the best looking, best behaved boys
enter their lives of domestic service doing endless routines of cooking,
cleaning, and serving women. The women of course live like the Queens that they

Other boys who are not as good looking or behave badly are assigned
to hard, dirty, menial jobs which shorten their life spans and insure that the
‘good boys’ will continue to ‘be good’ or they too could be

The best of the ‘good boys’ become male wives for rich and
powerful women. While there, they live as her cook, maid, and sex toy for as
long as she wants him. Divorce laws for cases filed by women are very liberal.
Men are not allowed to file. The lucky men are treated as mindless, coquettish
children. Others are treated as slaves and beaten into

Despite these conditions there does exist a minor underground
or “Men’s Libbers” who make very basic human rights requests such as limits on
punishments, more education, cleaner and safer working conditions.

women hear about men becoming ‘uppity’ and are starting to talk about equality
between the sexes they usually laugh at them and their male foolishness.

But when men are caught spewing this vile “Men’s Lib” poison they are
severely punished. Only the prettiest and otherwise best behaved ones remain in
their much coveted domestic roles. Other are sent to the fields or factories to
be worked to death. First time offenders simply have their domestic chores
schedule increased drastically to insure that they have no time to waste on such
silly and pernicious thoughts.

“Men’s Lib” is the one unforgivable sin.
If it is allowed to fester the entire gynarchy could come tumbling down and the
women know it. So it is belittled, and then punished harshly.

“Oh don’t tell me you are one of those silly “Men’s Libbers” now are you? You’re
such a pretty boy! Where would you get such foolish ideas? Now be a dear and get
me another drink. Oh and change into your new bedroom boy outfit. You know the
one I just bought you silly!”

“I found this “Men’s Lib” pamphlet in your
dresser honey. I think you need a good sound spanking, corner time, and then I’m
thinking about having you scrub my kitchen floor AND my bathroom floor every
night for a month with a strap on mouth brush. Oh and I’m putting you in a
single sleeve while you do it too! That should keep you from wasting MY time
with this foolishness!”

“A restriction put on how much a wife can paddle
her husband? Preposterous! How will order in the home ever be

“Hey have you heard? The police just arrested a bunch of
those “Men’s Lib” freaks! They were meeting without a permit. Yeah, as if they
would EVER get one! They are all down in the public square in the stocks for 48
hours! Let’s go beat their asses RAW!!!”

“I simply don’t understand any
boy today wanting to take college prep classes when they should be focused on
their Home Ec. Work! I mean what woman would want to marry some boy who wants to
act strong and independent like a woman?!”

“Oh No, Honey! I would
never want to be one of those icky “Men’s Libbers”! I’m a traditional boy at
heart! I just want to get married and keep a house for my Lady and raise her
children for her!”

“Oh that’s so sweet! Why don’t you go make me a
sandwich and get me a beer while you are up? And hey why don’t you put on those
cute tight spandex shorts I bought you. You know I love to see your package
wrapped all pretty like that. That’s my boy…”
“OK, Honey! Do you REALLY think
they look pretty on me?”

“Some of the girls are coming over later.
Do you think you could have the washing and vacuuming done by then? We’re gonna
watch the game and that noise is not something we should have to put up with. Oh
and could you make us some snacks? You’re such a doll!”

“Now how is that
offensive? All I said was that you had a pretty little butt! Now don’t go
getting all ‘huffy’ now. You know there are laws against “Men’s Lib” in this
country! You didn’t think about that now did you? Well now that you’ve thought
about it, why don’t you come over here and sit on my lap for a while Sugar? Oh
and unbutton that shirt of yours. You know how I like to see you

“Who could do their chores, keep fit, and dress nicely and still
have time for that silly “Men’s Lib” stuff?”

“You say I’m ‘Such a
sexist’, that I am ‘So Bad’, well how come I make you so hard when I talk like
this? That’s cause that is what boys like!”

“Oh don’t talk like that! You are
such a naughty woman!”

“It’s a good thing you are so beautiful and
so strong or no boy would want to go out with you, you sexist!”

“I’ll show
you what sexist is, Sugar Plum…”

Thank you again, Surrendered Husband.  Here are some links I suggested in my reply: if you haven’t been following Contemplating the Divine from the beginning, you might like these magazine covers (link) . They look to me as if they must have come from the very future you describe. There’s a disgraceful “Men’s lib” publication even among these, so the future isn’t perfect. Not yet.

It’s nothing to do with me – I’m certainly no supporter of “male liberation” – but you might also like this external site:

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Servitor.
    Your pics have struck a chord in me. Especially, the second one here:

    And even more so the first one here:

    To me the ideal world would be a complete world wide gynarchy where the women love their men. It would be a sort of role reversal 1950’s stay at home mom kind of world. The men would still dress (although often in an apron) and look like men, but their lives would be completely consumed in cooking, cleaning, and pleasing their wives. We would live as a sort of Stepford Husband always eager look nice, serve, and please our wives in anything she decides.

    Of course the boys (and all men are called ‘boys’) are always cute, perky, and simple minded. The women treat us like the children we are. Oh they scold and punish us but there are no concentration camps or bull whips here. An occasional over the knee spanking, scolding, or mouth soaping should be enough to bring ‘Mommies Little Man’ to heel.

    Corrections are given out of love and a desire to maintain a happy home.

    But mostly sweet innocent hubby is always busy cleaning house, making dinner, or propping up his wife’s feet to make her more comfortable.
    Home life is a time when the Woman Of the World can relax, unwind, and be pampered by her loving ‘pet’ after having been so serious and solving the world’s problems all day.

    Bedtime is a time when the Lord and Mistress of the manor can choose if, when, where, and how she should be ‘pleasured’. This is one of hubbies greatest responsibilities to make sure that his Mistress knows how much he treasures her and that she is the greatest lover in the world, regardless of the fact that she takes probably ten pleasures to everyone that she grants her little ‘love monkey’.

    Yes it is an ideal world of strong, independent, liberated ladies and the male wives that they love.

    Let me know if I can do anything else to ‘inspire’ your muse.

    Surrendered hubby

  2. The above is what I have envisioned for MANY years, and would love to be younger so that I would live to see this lifestyle
    take place.

    Things are taking shape and not so far off in the future. What
    a hell of a future for "boys."

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