Awe and shock

OWK ladies with slaves
They operate a performance management system of penalties and rewards.  If you perform badly, you’re punished severely.  If you perform well, you’re punished a bit less severely.  Probably. 

Yet more small cock humiliation
Actually, I have a chapter about dealing with this sort of rejection in my new self-help book, called She’s just not that into you – because you’re a sad little weirdo with a tiny cock.

Chastity key to happiness
All sorts of ways that conversation could go.  “What key?” would be a bad thing to hear, for instance.

Domme shoots the pervert

Female led - very female led
It’s a good thing someone’s got willpower, anyway.

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  1. The feet picture is great it reminds me where we men should be at a woman's feet ,and of a mans worth ,a woman s little toe is worth an entire man , a woman has more intelligence in her toe nail than a whole man

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